Net Zero Construction Smart Homes

Net Zero’s Smart Homes offer homeowners the chance to update their homes to fit into their 21st century lives. Residents of Smart Homes can control all features of their houses straight from their smartphones or iPads, including window features, in-home entertainment centers, light dimmers, and security systems. The Internet allows users to control all aspects of their homes even when they are not home, whether they are at work or on vacation. Homeowners who choose to incorporate smart technology into their new home construction will benefit from a variety of benefits to make their lives more comfortable, convenient, and even more affordable.

One of the ways that Net Zero’s Smart Homes assist residents is through window treatments. Depending on your schedule, you can alter your sunlight exposure through Net Zero’s Smart Home system to fit in with your routine. Some residents prefer to sleep later in the day and work later hours, and Net Zero’s window controls will help users get the most amount of sleep no matter the time of day. For users with more traditional working hours, keeping the windows shaded during the day can cut down on utility costs while optimizing sunlight hours for homeowners during the hours they spend at home.

Homeowners who choose to install entertainment centers in their smart homes enjoy a variety of benefits including cinema-streaming capabilities, state-of-the art surround sound systems, and room-to-room integration. Play Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or other services with the tap of your phone. Streaming music has also never been easier with Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora all through state of the art smart home speakers.

In addition, lights can be adjusted from smart devices as well. Whether users want to adjust the lights during a film or need a little more reading light than they thought, they can adjust these directly from their phones without having to leave their seats.

Smart Homes also make sure that customers have access to their security systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through their smart devices. Users can turn their alarms on and off, look at images through security cameras, check the status of their home security over the Internet. Users can also use climate control through their smart devices to warm or cool their homes depending on when they will be away from home. The end result? It will cut down on carbon emissions and save money on monthly utility bills that can easily add up over time.