Our Building Standard

We provide only the highest quality customer service and craftsmanship, always going above and beyond what is expected to provide you with the best hurricane resistant luxury home in the industry. You should live where you want to live. We know that mother nature is not always predictable, but the quality of a Net Zero Construction home is. Our homes are built to withstand the worst of what the weather has to offer, never compromising aesthetic value for the security and stability your home should have.

All of our homes are designed with:

A NUDURA insulated concrete wall system, designed to guarantee the safety of your family no matter the situation. The strength of the insulated concrete wall systems comes from the steel reinforced solid concrete core, meaning that it’s built to withstand any number of extreme weather events, including hurricanes.

Lifetime Metal Roof Gerard Stone Coated metal roofing tiles. This stone coated steel metal roofing system is a superior investment, offering strength and longevity while never sacrificing style. We offer various profiles to make sure that your home looks as good as it functions. We guarantee that your roof will last for a lifetime! Other safety features such as Impact Resistant Windows, Multi-Point door locking systems, out-swing doors, and metal interior studs.

Energy efficient design. We design you home with energy efficiency in mind. We use building technology to head and cool your home, with our energy efficient construction materials providing up to 70% energy savings when compared to traditional building methods.

Exceptional Floor Plans, emphasizing perfectly placed kitchens, central gathering areas, and master suites. All of the spaces in your home will serve a purpose, providing comfort and optimal flow. Detailed finishes, providing your home with the luxury you crave. We are extremely selective with our vendors, ensuring that each and every piece of your home is of the highest quality.

At Net Zero Construction, we know that buying a home is an investment meant to last. Why spend money on one that will not live up to your expectations? We use only the highest quality materials to create a comfortable, secure, and stylish home that will suit you needs and preferences. We build the ultimate energy efficient home that will keep you and your family safe while maintaining a design that is visually compelling.

About Net Zero Contstruction

For 25 years, Net Zero Construction has created some of the most prestigious homes in Sarasota, Florida. We follow a design and construction process that we call “Living the Experience,” which merges our expertise with your preferences. We want you to be an active part of the building process. From the moment you first give us a call, to the second you first step into your new home, we want the construction process to be engaging and comprehensive.

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