Green Building

Green Building

Building green in today’s home building industry is all about incorporating environmental considerations and resource efficiency in key steps of the building process and land development process, minimizing the overall environmental impact.

There are many benefits for homeowners who want to go green in their new home or remodeling project, including improved health, durability and efficiency of the home, as well as reduced heating, cooling and utility costs.

More benefits include qualifying for green building rebates and mortgages and an increased home value through green certification that stays with the home.

Net Zero Construction is dedicated to building homes that are GREEN.  Below you see categories that can help educate you in the technologies and materials that go into our homes to make them green and long lasting.

Nudura ICF
All of our homes exterior walls are built using Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms.  These forms are made from foam and stay in place once they are filled with concrete to provide a super-insulated structure. Read more about Nudura here.

Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof
All our roofs are specified with Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofs. These roofs offer a lifetime warranty and energy efficiency.

Spray Foam Insulation
We use a closed cell spray foam insulation under the roof deck of your new home.  This not only provides superior insulation but also is an adhesive that helps give the roof additional strength and provides an additional vapor barrier. Learn more

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors
The largest loss of energy in a home are the windows and doors.  We use insulated windows with Low-E and fiberglass doors to better insulate your home. Learn More

Water Purification System
Our homes come standard with a drinking water purification system that fits under your kitchen sink. Learn More

Low VOC Paints
Your new home is painted with Low VOC paints providing a better environment for your health.

Energy Star Appliances
All of our appliances and bath fans are Energy Star rated saving you money. Click here to find out why so many choose Net Zero Construction!