Safe Home Features

When it comes to your family, safety is number one.  It is our goal to provide you and your family with a home that is safe from storms and or somebody trying to break into your home.  We have put together a standard package that protects against high winds, fire and burglars.  How do we do it?

Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms offer your family maximum safety with a fire protection rating of up to 4 hours. With a NUDURA Insulated concrete form house, walls are built with steel reinforced concrete and a non-toxic fire retardant expanded polystyrene foam ensuring maximum safety. NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms provide greater impact resistance and will withstand winds of up to 402 kph (250 mph) ensuring that your family and home are safe and secure in almost any situation. The strength of the NUDURA wall comes from the solid concrete core.

Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof
Life is hard. Mother Nature is harder, especially on non-steel roofing materials which begin to deteriorate immediately after they are installed from exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun, expansion and contraction as a result of temperature changes and the effect of hailstones, heavy snow pack, ice and wind. A Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof, however, can take extreme weather conditions and still look and protect like new for a lifetime.

Impact Resistant Windows
Impact resistant windows consist of impact-resistant glass surrounded by a heavy-duty frame that is securely fastened to the interior window header and frame. Their construction and anchoring keep hurricane winds and debris from breaching your home’s outer envelope. Impact resistant  windows offer a significant protection from combined wind and water damage in hurricanes but manufacturers originally came up with impact-resistant windows to save structures from destruction.   These impact resistant windows help provide year-round security against thieves and intruders, dramatically reduce outdoor noise and filter out 99% of the UV light that enters your home and causes fading.  They also provide strong protection from flying debris while increasing the safety, security, ultraviolet protection and energy efficiency of your home.

Outswing Doors
Outswing doors are another way to add security to your home.  An outswing door has a lot more reinforcement than an inswing door to help prevent wind or buglar damage.