Warranty Info

What to Expect

  • The Net Zero Construction team lives and works in the communities that we build. We have been in your shoes, and we understand your concerns as a buyer. As a Net Zero home buyer, you will work directly with a Net Zero Construction team member who is familiar with your home – from build-out to warranty. Net Zero Construction offers a comprehensive Customer Service and Warranty package. We don’t bother with fancy names and labels along the way. Instead, we focus on making the process easy and worry-free for our customers so that you will enjoy your new home.

Customer Experience

  • Net Zero Construction will meet with you after the signing of a Purchase & Sale Agreement. You can expect the following steps to take place:

Preconstruction Conference

  • Net Zero Construction explains your available construction options and selections.
  • Net Zero Construction confirms your expectations.

Frame Stage Tour (Optional)

  • Prior to insulation and drywall going up, we tour the home with you to to verify that your requested selections and change orders have been incorporated. This is an excellent opportunity for you to see and understand "what is behind the walls".

Home Orientation

  • Just before Closing, Net Zero Construction provides a thorough review of the home’s features and functions, gives maintenance and warranty tips, and ensures that all options are installed correctly. We thoroughly inspect the home with you to ensure your home is delive

Home Sweet Home!

  • One of Net Zero Construction co-founders meets you at your new home to deliver the keys to your new home.
  • We review with you any corrections made as a result of Home Orientation.


  • One of Net Zero Construction co-founders meets you at your new home to deliver the keys to your new home.

Net Zero Home Check-in

  • 30-DAY CHECK-UP: We will follow up with you and review any items that require repair after move-in. We’ll answer any questions you may have about your home.
  • 6 MONTH CHECK-UP: This is similar to your 30-day review.
  • ONE YEAR CHECK-UP: Net Zero Construction corrects those warranted items you point out, and performs any cosmetic drywall repairs needed. We automatically check your crawl space, interior caulk and grout and exterior caulk. Lastly, we perform a ground level walk.