Our Building Process

Net Zero Construction approaches building custom homes with best practices that result in beautiful, quality energy efficient homes. Our team of experienced designers, architects and staff will work closely with you to build your custom dream home. This page offers an overview of the Net Zero custom home building process. Contact Construction for more information about how we can turn your vision of a customized home into reality.

Phase 1 - Preliminary Qualifications

During this phase, we want to get to  know you and your goals for building a custom home. We also want you to really  get to know us, so you can know what to expect from Net Zero Construction during the entire  process. We believe that open and honest communication will lead to a fun and  exceptional homebuilding experience.

  • Initial Conversation with client to discuss needs and goals
  • Get to know Net Zero Construction, what to expect
  • Preferred lender introductions
  • Prequalifications for funding
  • Preliminary land us research

Phase 2 - Construction Agreement

Once you have decided that Net Zero Construction is the builder for you, you will sign a Construction Agreement with us, and we will get to work on all of the pre-construction necessities that need to be completed before we can start building.

  • Signed agreement with deposit
  • Land feasability study
  • Plan development
  • Preliminary estimating
  • File permit
  • Design selections
  • Budget
  • Financing

Phase 3 - Construction

This is the fun part! Once we pick up your permits, we can begin construction on your new home. We will keep thorough communication with you as we build your home and keep you up to date on all of the exciting progress. Before you know it, you will be moving into your beautifully constructed custom Net Zero home!

  • Pickup permit
  • Foundation
  • Exterior Nudura ICF walls
  • Framing and rough-ins
  • Drywall, trim and paint
  • Trim outs and flooring
  • Quality control
  • Closing and key exchange
  • Intro to our customer service and warranty programs